Battling it out for Week 4 of Crotch Madness is Bill Hazeldine vs. Magnus AND Capt. Nicholls vs. Freddie page! Make sure you vote for both in the comments!

Who gets your vote?

  1. fatgeekchic answered: Oakley and Freddie Page
  2. capuletswag answered: magnus and nicholls
  3. marujovi answered: Magnus and Freddie.
  4. i-go-alone-into-the-danger answered: Magnus and Freddie :)
  5. saeqimo said: Magnus and Freddie
  6. fancykraken answered: Magnus and Freddie
  7. why-can-t-i-be-sherlock said: bill hazeldine and freddie page
  8. foxydeanmon answered: Magnus aaand….Freddie Page
  9. haveahiddles answered: Bill and Capt. Nicholls
  10. lokiperfection answered: MMMMMMagnus and Capt Nicholls
  11. lokiperfection said: Magnus and Capt Nicholls
  12. girlwiththehungryeyes answered: Bill and Freddie!
  13. gofuckyourselfbenedictcumberbatc answered: Magnus and Freddie Page
  14. crucioandavada answered: Bill and Freddie
  15. emotionslikeateaspoon answered: Freddie (my darling baby) and I think I could only say Bill because I feel infinitely sorry for him.
  16. fionarhiannon said: I have to say Magnus, and Cpt. Nicholls (mostly for the bonus of the crop)
  17. iwanttotieyourshoe answered: Magnus and Capt. Nicholls!
  18. the-wolf-in-your-fairytale answered: Magnus and Freddie :D
  19. tomhaslokifeels answered: Magnus and Freddie.
  20. i-am-an-arms-dealer answered: Bill and Cpt. nicholas
  21. didyouhearaboutvangogh answered: Magnus and Capt. Nicholls
  22. prongs5 answered: Avengers Loki
  23. cdietrick42 answered: Magnus and Freddie.
  24. tranimation answered: Magnus and Nicholls!
  25. vigwig answered: Magnus
  26. widow-romanoff answered: Magnus and Capt. Nicholls!
  27. monica-rambeaus answered: Magnus and Freddie
  28. friggaborson said: Magnus & Nicholls.
  29. fuckyeshufflepuff answered: I’ll take beefy king Magnus and Capt. Nicholls for a 1000 please.
  30. mewlingq said: Magnus & Freddie
  31. sweetoceanclouds answered: MAGNUS!!!!!!!!
  32. greenemeraldsandblackdiamonds said: Magnus and Freddie Page!
  33. flappyhappyhiddles posted this

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