Week 2 of Crotch Madness is a head to head between Cannes Tom and MTV Movie Awards Tom and between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Prince Hal!

Last week’s victors are Loki from Thor and William Buxton!

Vote in the comments by July 3! Who gets your vote?

  1. melloadams answered: Cannes Tom and Prince Hal
  2. marujovi said: Prince Hal and Cannes Tom
  3. hiddlesmethisdoctor answered: Prince Hal and Cannes Tom
  4. msfloriduh answered: Prince Hal and Cannes Tom! For sure
  5. emotionslikeateaspoon answered: Hal and MTV (wait I think I already voted… Oh well!)
  6. i-go-alone-into-the-danger answered: Henry V and MTV MA Tom :) x
  7. cdietrick42 answered: Fitzgerald and MTV Tom
  8. the-wolf-in-your-fairytale answered: Cannes Tom & Prince Hal
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  10. fatgeekchic answered: Prince Hal and Cannes Tom
  11. tranimation answered: Hal and Cannes!
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    Prince Hal & Cannes Tom
  13. thehiddlestonianobasan answered: Cannes Tom and Prince Hal
  14. lozfanatic answered: Cannes Tom!
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