to tranimation for guessing the Crotch of the Day! This is one of my favorites. ;)

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    I got ooonnnnneee, and on my first try, too! (It’s one of my favourites, too, primarily because adore this three-piece...
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Welcome to the tribute page to the most lovely crotch on tumblr. Ample in size yet able to mysteriously disappear, we marvel and revel in the crotch of one Mr. Tom Hiddleston.

Here you can also appreciate the occasional Hiddlebum.

Join me as I feature the Crotch of the Day! If you can guess where the Crotch of the Day was caught, you'll get a shout out!

I welcome submissions, suggestions and ponderings related to that wonderful man!

Also, if you can help me credit a photo or gif, please don't hesitate!

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