OK, ladies.  I know I said no Tom tonight but we need some levity right now and I’ve been saving this for a rainy day.  The story behind it is dumb (I had someone tell me once that what looked like a penis in this scene was actually someone else’s arm) but I made it for a laugh, gods it feels like forever ago.  Until now the only person who’s seen it is ohhowlucky.  I don’t so much do gifs so this is the best you’ll get out of me.  Anyway, enjoy?  I hope!

Definitely not an arm..

limegreenandloki said: OH MY GOD hahaha that’s the clearest one I’ve seen ever. There’s even reflection in the pool
Mischa: You’re welcome.

Do I have
to thank for the return of this bullshit today? If so, thank you. I truly appreciate that you all appreciate my unique talents.

if I’ll ever not reblog this….assume I’m dead

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Flappy, I now have, after careful scientific examination, determined that the Hiddlesconda is around 5-6". That's when the conda's still chillin and not excited. My methods may not have been perfect tho because it gets distracting, but that is the approximation. :))

While I appreciate your extensive study I can only recognize results proved with pictures accompanied by your calculations. In other words, show your work! ;)




Apparently Muppets didn’t talk to Marvel costumers as to why Loki got a long tunic after Thor…. 

apparently not…

has flappyhappyhiddles seen this yet? ;)

Oh, you better believe I have!  I’ve studied it quite thoroughly.  Look at those straining buttons!

Sorry about the lack of activity on FHH lately. I’m still here and I’m still very interested in his package. I’m still taking submissions and my ask box is always open. Hopefully soon I’ll be the old FHH again. Welcome to the new kids and thanks for hanging with me to everyone else!

happy birfday, queen of the crotchwatchers, ruler of all things hiddlesconda related, master(bator) of the nether region domain! may your day be filled with yummy, pervy, dickly goodliness & your dreams overloaded with thoughts of the hiddlesconda. may we all be so lucky as to have been TOUCHED by him one day!
Thank you for that!

Happy birthday!!  I asked Tom to give you a special D present for your birthday.  He wore shades but that is him on the right.  LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!

Thank you so much!

You have to wear underpants to get a wedgie…..

I was going to say the exact same thing!


You gotta admit,


freedom has a nice ass.

baileyndjameson Thanks for that ass!: I just want to say hi! And that I adore you and your blog forever and ever amen. :)

Awww!! Thank you!!! MMMwah!!

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: take another look at the twit pic for I Saw The Light…. notice anything 'interesting' about the shadow on the trousers? LOL

I don’t think I see what you’re seeing. :/

I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but second gif. I just…..umm……yeah…..what was I saying again?


Good eye, scout!

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: It doesn't seems THAT big to me. Fun size, however.



Regardless of size, I like to imagine that no lady that lies with him goes unsatisfied. 

just like a Snickers bar

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Have you read on Tom's Twitter that "Unrelated" is playing in New York FilmLinc this week?! Big screen version of Hiddleconda! Sadly, NYC it's too far from me :(

Ahhh! I need a visibility report!

3 weeks ago · 3 ♥
Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Unrelated is playing in NYC theatres now so can someone please go and capture the hiddlesconda in all it's glory on the big screen in HD.. Pls?!

I wonder how the clarity is on that particular scene?

3 weeks ago · 5 ♥

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