Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: That slow motion feature is a true blessing that I had completeely missed, thanks for sharing! You already have probably already checked but if not, watch the MTV snakehips in HD and at 0.25 speed and prepare yourself to see a the Conda perfectly outlined, ful length.

If you’ll excuse me…

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Ok so everyone is talking about his abs in /that/ video but all I can see is his extra leg... Please dear god send help.... I can't breathe... 0.o

I’m pretty sure that’s been debunked. I know, I understand, I was desperate to get a glimpse of something too. So much so that my mind could easily play tricks on me. But take heart, my dear Anon! The rumors swirling for High-Rise are favorable!

girliegirltm Thanks for that ass!: When can we expect a full analysis of the challenge from you? Just trying to prepare myself in case I'm at work.

Well, unfortunately, there isn’t much to report. While his torso was looking perfect and like it was sculpted from marble I couldn’t analyze anything below the waist. The quality was poor that could make any active imagination see things so I just couldn’t be certain. I demand a re-do in white shorts and super hi-def. Can we re-challenge him? OR we can start another challenge for charity where people jump on a trampoline nude? And by people I mean Tom (and perhaps a few others). It’s all for a good cause, right?

olive-and-pickles Thanks for that ass!: :26 to :28, flappy. Get on it. :)

Oh, I’m on it. Or I’d like to be. BTW watching it a quarter speed is both entertaining and arousing.

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Thank you! I was the one who inquired about the Tompocalypse, I just didn't realise it had a name. I remember that week fondly, it brought joy and pain and lots of frustration. It was perfect in every way. Thanks for clearing that up! And bless that man for wearing a white shirt for the ice dump. Pity his shorts weren't white too. There might be hospitalisations if that was the case.

There may just have been. He probably refrained from using a hi def camera to spare us from the clinging fabric of his black shorts.

Wait. Just hold up one minute.



I can’t quite tell, but….

Is his happy trail gone?!?!?!?!

flappyhappyhiddles I NEED YOUR EYE

Ahhh! I’m at work now!

Current sexual orientation: Him tossing the empty ice bucket aside

I’ve just discovered that youtube has a slow motion feature. Excuse me while I rewatch a few things…

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Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Not much meat on those bones but damn his torso is tight. I want him to go full Tyler Durden for some role. Our next collective wish?

Mmmm, I love all that lean muscle on him. Which is strange because physically, he is so not my type. And I am always wishing to see as much of that man’s body as possible.

Anonymous Thanks for that ass!: Would you be so kind as to explain what the Tompocalypse Week is? I seem to be lacking in this fundamental piece of history. Thanks!

Ahhhhhh!!! This week was lovely and terrible and frustrating and amazing.

In January of 2014 these events all occurred over the span of several days:


Coriolanus BTS video

The Jaguar commercial

The Thor audition tape

Loki as Captain America

Thor 2 Gag reel

Elle UK interview

Elle UK video

Did I forget any other devastations?

“It’s like they crammed the Tompocalypse week into 54 seconds of a wet white tee, nipples and slow motion”
- and don’t forget the O-face. (via adamcansuckme)

So I know we all hoped and prayed and begged that he’d wear a white shirt and we did it!! Can we now collectively set our desires to world peace?

This is obviously what he said to himself before taping:
Not only will I do this in a white shirt, I’ll give them a flash of my ”V-muscle” to make them just a little more crazier. Now, if only I had white shorts……

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